Monday, January 30, 2006

AMD warp speed paralyzes INTEL

Google and AMD cooking somthing big? I heard of those 5000 Opteron monsters and Google's plan to conquer the world with them. Now we know BigDaddy is ready. Anyone wants to bet what it is?

Then we heard Socket AM2 is quite ready, be out in Feburary, when I check the calendar, it's January 30 today. Socket 1207 F will be out in April 2006, sounds like a very good timing, I recall AMD introduced single core Opteron In April 2003, and dual core Opteron in April 2005, should we expect quad-core in April 2006? Hector's law says AMD is accelerating and grows at twice the speed of light.

Now, let me repeat some old formula I derived:
INTEL has 5 production 300 FABs and 7 production 200mm FABs, INTEL capacity is more than 11x AMD capacity, INTEL is running at full capacity, and can't meet chipset demand,

11 * INTEL_yield / AMD_yield = 77%/ 21.4%

AMD_yield = 3 x INTEL_yield

Heard about APM 3.0?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said: "Intel has 11x AMD capacity"

That is a very conservative estimate, because a 300mm wafer is over 2x the surface area of a 200mm wafer. (do the math: Pi*R^2). Therefore INTEL wafer capacity is more like 17x AMD, by surface area.

If you knew what percentage of their production is on 65nm, 90nm and 130nm you could calculate it even more closely.

10:45 PM, January 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does AMD make its own Chipset??

5:37 PM, February 08, 2006  

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