Wednesday, January 18, 2006

AMD fragged INTEL

AMD reported super earnings for Q4 2005. $0.45/share. In particular, its CPG revenue grew 35% over Q3, which is beyond anyone's wildest imaginations. Even I was only expecting 25% growth, 11% above AMD's projected 7-14% growth. (But I also put a 40% potential growth there in the "recorded" Hector phone call).

For Q1 2006, AMD guided flat to slightly down, in comparison to INTEL's 8% down.

Shares of AMD went up 10% after hours.

Both Joe Osha and Ben Lynch were at AMD's conference call congratulating AMD. If you recall, both downgraded AMD to sell just a or two ago. Joe Osha asked some idiotic questions. I felt that Ben Lynch sounded smarter, his firm dumped 22% of INTC already as of September 2005 and started to buy heavily into AMD, but Joe Osha's Merrill Lynch increased INTC by 15%. Maybe Merrill Lynch should fire Joe Osha and hire Ben Lynch.


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