Wednesday, January 18, 2006

INTEL stocks will fall more after AMD earnings

Some folks still don't get it, AMD is going to frag INTEL all over the place, you aint seen notin yet. You are still looking at 90nm products from FAB30, you haven't seen the flood from FAB36. Paul Otellini claimed that INTEL will gain share in 2006. Do you really believe this? Did he mean AMD won't be able to sell FAB36 chips?

On December 8 2005, INTEL gave a mid-Q guidance of 10.4 to 10.6 billion revenue, that was only 2 weeks away from the Q4 end. Was INTEL telling the truth?

More people will see the light when they compare AMD's result today with INTEL's. This is a two horse race, a win-lose situation. AMD tripled its wafer orders. FAB36 can easily triple AMD's production.

AMD will end 2006 with 40% of the x86 market share. Mark my word.

BTW: INTEL share prices plunged more than 10%.


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