Monday, December 19, 2005

SUN should do a stock buy back

INTEL has spent 40 billion dollars and bought a tiny fraction of its stocks back, people have frowned upon this futile effort. DELL spends all its earnings to buy back stocks, with little good effect at all, except probably for those execs with a lot of options.

The situation is different for SUN. SUN's stock price and market cap is so low, it can literally buy back 50% of itself. I heard that SUN's offices are substantially empty, I suggest SUN sell some of its real estate and use the cash gain to buy back stocks. SUN has 3.41 billion outstanding shares and is priced at $4, it can easily buy back 1 billion shares. Buying back will boost stock price and make employee options more valuable, which will be a major incentive for those top talents to stay at SUN.

SUN should stop wasting money on buying more companies. I think SUN has got enough technology to beat everyone else, the problem is not that SUN does not have technology, the only problem is that SUN must use the technology to make money. HP has no processor, no OS and no enterprise software stack, but is making billions on x86 servers. Solaris 10 + T1 + Galaxy is a winning combination. It all depends on execution.


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