Friday, December 16, 2005

Why Former INTEL Employees Hate INTEL?

I have some friends who were former INTEL employees (they got Ph. D degrees). They hate INTEL so much, whenever I bring up AMD stuff, they applaud, and say stuff like INTEL is crap. One thing I heard was that INTEL's peer reveiew system and management was very harsh on any human being.

Today, INTEL announced that it will cut stock options for employees, except "[t]he most senior employees". I bet that "the most senior" is a tiny percentage, and most of INTEL's engineering workforce will work harder and get nothing. Any way, I don't think INTEL stock options worth that much if you consider the impending AMD flood of superior server, desktop and mobile CPUs out of FAB36 and Chartered. The 150 million notebooks off the OLPC program will also eat INTEL market alive, when people find the 0.9 watt 500MHZ AMD CPUs does everything an INTEL Yonah can do: 32 bit x86.

In stark contrast, former AMD employees seem have a strong emotional attachment to AMD. For instance, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang was a chip designer at AMD many years ago, today, when he talks about AMD, you can sense he still has some feeling towards it. "What is good for AMD is good for NVIDIA", that's true for business, as NVDIA has 90% of the AMD64 chipset market, but there is more, there is a human factor which is more than money.

Judging from JFTC findings and AMD's allegations in its lawsuit, INTEL is a dirty business, where greed overweighs everything else.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

I am the Assistant to the Labor Commissioner here in Oregon. We (the Bureau of Labor and Industries) have a bill addressing the adverse affects of non-compete agreements for laid off workers. We only have until TUESDAY the 13th of February to find folks willing to submit testimony, written or in person. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYONE WHO WAS AFFECTED BY THE RECENT INTEL LAYOFFS AND THEN DOUBLY WOUNDED BY A NON-COMPETE??? If so, please email me at:

2:04 PM, February 08, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They sent me off without a reason, After a month or so.

9:53 PM, November 18, 2010  
Blogger jeriljose said...

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5:16 AM, November 12, 2013  

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