Friday, December 16, 2005

DELL XPS 400 trashed, fragile build, poor performance

HardOCP did a review on the Dell Dimension XPS 400, DELL's attempt to get away from the $299 cheap PC business. The result? Once again, DELL proves that it better stick to the cheap section of the market.

Here are the scores:
Purchasing, Presentation and Packaging – 8.5/10
Build Quality - 5/10
Gaming – 7/10
Multimedia and Productivity - 4/10
General Usage - 4/10
Stability – 2/10
Technical Support - 4/10
Value – 5/10
The Bottom Line – 4/10

In summary, XPS 400 is a crappy, fragile, expensive, unstable piece of product from DELL. If you have money, try this, or this, don't spend the money and embarrass yourself with a DELL.


Anonymous Someone who actually knows a little about computers said...

Wow, way to trash a system and link to a system that costs more than three times the price. For the money an XPS 400/410 are good systems. Most people don't need to spend $4k on a computer... and you can build yourself for much cheaper than those piece of trash links you listed, especially now that Conroe is out. Do those companies pay you to trash Dell and post links to their shitty overpriced bullshit? Building is the best way to go, but performance to performance you're off your rocker. You can't compare $1k systems to $3k systems. Oh and I had a XPS400 before my current build with no problems and yes I upgraded it with a lot of nonstandard components and had 0 problems. If you can't handle crappy prepackaged machines and don't know anything about computers yourself, don't act like you do and spread misinformation on the internet. Thank you.

12:41 AM, September 03, 2006  

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