Sunday, December 11, 2005

Local BestBuy has zero Turion notebook on display

Went to local BestBuy tonight, looked around the notebook section, there were three bulky Athlon 64 notebooks, zero Turion 64.

A salesperson came over and offered help. I asked whether they have Turion notebooks, said no. So I started playing with a SONY Centrino. The salesperson came over, asked if I liked the SONY. I said that I needed 64 bit. I told him I needed to speak with his manager.

The manager came, I asked him whether he knew that AMD filed an anti-trust lawsuit against INTEL, he said yes. I asked him if he knew AMD has alleged that INTEL bought shelf space at BestBuy in an effort to exclude or limit AMD's access to the market. He said yes. I asked him why there was no Turion 64s on display at BestBuy. He said they sold out. I asked him to show me where the machine was, there should be a label if it was sold out. He led to me a spot that was supposed to belong to a Compaq Turion machine. The shelf space was empty, but the label was for a $749 Celeron notebook.

Two other salesperson came over, they explained that the Turions were so hot, they were sold the day they arrived. The manager said they should get another batch in a week.

I found it hard to believe that HP could not keep up with the demand, there doesn't seem to be any Turion shortage. But BestBuy said sold out. I couldn't complain much about that.

So I told the manager that as a consumer, I do not want my choice of CPUs be restricted by any illegal monopolistic scheme. I said I hope there was no conspiracy of any kind, or I can certainly bring a class action lawsuit to the parties involved. So far, only INTEL has been hit with 100 lawsuits, none of the co-conspirators in those class action suits have been named.


Blogger s yusuf said...

Why dont they have a turion notebook? Good question. The answer is that there's no buyer!! Turions dont compare well with the Intel Dothans that power pentium M family in terms of performance and battery life.

2:59 AM, December 14, 2005  
Blogger Sharikou, Ph. D said...

Well, read this

11:32 PM, December 18, 2005  

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