Friday, December 09, 2005

Dr. Barret lost his usual grace

INTEl chairman Craig Barret derided the OLPC as a gadget, not a fully functional PC.

Dr. Barret said: "Mr. Negroponte has called it a $100 laptop -- I think a more realistic title should be 'the $100 gadget'," "The problem is that gadgets have not been successful." And he added, "We work in the are of low cost affordable PCs, but full function PCs, Not handheld devices and not gadgets."

The OLPC runs AMD's low power x86 processor and Linux, it has features that even surpass the normal laptop PCes. Unlike AMD's main stream CPUs, this AMD CPU is 32bit, but it certainly can do anything an INTEL 32bit Yonah or Sossaman CPU can.

Also, Dr. Barret forgot that INTEL is a big player in handeld devices, its StrongArm based Xscale processors are used in many handhelds. Of course, we know the guy who architected the INTEL handheld chip is working at AMD now.


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