Thursday, December 08, 2005

INTEL 2005 Q5 Growth 4% to 6%

Joe Osha said :"We are buyers", UBS said INTEL frogleaps... In the last few days, the folks on the street have been pumping up INTEL like crazy, expecting huge upside. In Q3 2005, INTEL revenue was $9.96 billion. Today, INTEL gave Q4, 2005 estimate at $10.4 to $10.6 billion. Revenue growth 4% to 6%. Seems to be substantially below seasonal pattern.

INTEL is facing strong competition on server front. INTEL CFO Andy Bryant said "Server orders are tough to win, and it's hand-to-hand combat in some places". Analysts are disappointed.

AMD projected 7 to 13% growth. Overall, the PC market is doing very well.

INTEL has authroized a $25 billion stock buy back plan, using its $10 billion cash.

AMD's new 300mm FAB36 has entered production and finished products are expected in Q1 2006. AMD also plans to rapidly ramp production at Chartered FAB7 and is planning another new fab. INTEL declined to give outlook for 2006.


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