Thursday, December 15, 2005

SUN needs to stablize JAVA

SUN is producing stuff faster than we can digest. We got zillions of buzzwords starting with the letter J, then we got revisions and more buzzwords and equal number of software concepts fading away daily. I guess every SUN senior engineer must be able to claim her J trademark somewhere. It makes me feel dizzy, and I lost interest in learning any of it, not sure which one will be obsolete next 6 months.

My suggestion to SUN: stop labelling every little JAVA library with the big J letter and call it JXXX technology. Just let them be what they are, some type of useful JAVA library and hope someone will find use for it. If you make it JXXX technology, even a curious person like me will feel that there is some steep learning curve and get discouraged, if it is just some library that my standard JAVA skill is good enough, I will be much more comfortable studying it.

Focus on and stablize the core, especially a J2ME standard for high end phones (forget about the low end, no money there) to make creating 3G applications easy.

Furthermore, focus on Solaris 10 usability. I am a UNIX person, I use Linux too, I will switch to Solaris 10 if I can setup ZFS and Containers without reading the manual.

My challenge to SUN: you got smart engineers, you were able to do WABI in a few weeks and beat Bill Gates to the punch, now, if you are really good, make Solaris 10 as easy as Windows Server 2003.

Everybody will sing praises then.


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