Saturday, December 17, 2005

INTEL looks to India for salvation

The Whitefield project is for a next generation multi-core INTEL Xeon processor with CSI interconnect. CSI is supposed to compete against HyperTransport. A financial audit scandal in India revealed a lot of information about the Whitefield project, which was terminated by INTEL as the project lead Srinivas Raman exited the company.

Still, INTEL's hope to compete against AMD lies with the 600 Indian engineers. While INTEL's middle-eastern team has successfully adopted Pentium III into the Pentium M, it has apparently failed to add iAMD64 instructions to that architecture after 3 years, as INTEL's next generation Yonah mobile and Sossaman server CPUs will be 32 bit only.

A new Xeon project was assigned to the third world CPU design center at Whitefield, competing against top designers from IBM, SUN, DEC and AMD.


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