Thursday, December 01, 2005

AMD vs INTEL lawsuit should be tried in "People's Court"

Representatives from various media and press sent a letetr to the judge presiding over the AMD vs INTEL anti trust lawsuit, urging the judge not to grant any requests to seal the trial information. They argue that the public deserves to know what really happened, as INTEL's actions afffected almost everyone.

It makes perfect sense. We paid INTEL good money for its CPUs, we have the right to know how INTEL abused its monopoly power and deprived us the right of choice if INTEL indeed did it as AMD alleged. The case is not just for AMD but for the advancement of technology and civilization. If INTEL did use dirty tricks to push its chips to consumers, it should be severely punished, so an example can be set to deter similar acts by others in the future. Any company that willfully thwarted the advance of civilization must be punished to the maximum allowed by the law.


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