Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AMD APUs are amazing

The APUs are amazing pieces of technology. I just bought an Acer Aspire 722 Netbook with a C50 APU (1GHz dual core). Without GPU acceleration on VLC, 720p video is fine, but 1080p stutters. But with GPU acceleration enabled, 1080p is super smooth, and the CPU usage dropped to around 30%.

Now you naysayers may not know what 1080p is, but just remember this simple fact: no Intel netbook can even do 720p Youtube (unless it's equipped with Nvidia ION2). Not too long ago, I made the mistake of buying a DELL netbook for around $400, and was dismayed to find that it couldn't handle even 720p Youtube. What a piece of junk. Luckily, there were people on ebay who are willing to buy that junk for half of the price. So I sold it before it became totally wasted.

The more amazing thing is battery life of the new AMD APU netbook. I tried to run down the battery on this little thing, and eventually got tired and it still had 1 hour 30 minutes left.

Another advantage of AMD APUs is it is fully AMD64 capable. I also have a Lenovo Intel Core Notebook, and the Intel CPU can't fully handle VirtualBox, it is missing some feature for 64 bit virtual machines. Again this deficiency makes the Intel notebook useless, because one of my virtual machines is 64 bit Linux...

Choose AMD the technology leader and not the Intel copycat, you will be better off.

Be young, have fun, get AMD Fusion. (disclosure, I do not run AMD's marketing division).

BTW: did I say HD video image quality is much better on AMD too?

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Blogger Evil_Merlin said...

AMD can have the netbooks. There is NO money to be made in it. Intel will take the rest, make a good profit, and laugh at AMD's technology.

Meanwhile Intel's profits soar, new technologies keep hitting and keeping AMD in the dumpster. Right where it belongs.

Intel, choose the REAL technology leader.

9:44 AM, July 19, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are retarded Sharifuck....

We have over 100 Intel based i5 media PC's in production using the onboard GPU and play full 1080p without a hiccup...and these sit in enclosed cabinets...so you really are a completely and utterly clueless moron.

You really should go find something else to do other than reporting on technology you have no clue about...maybe report on the issues surrounding presenting fake doctoral credentials and how that will have an effect on your asshole as your cellmate rams it home....

8:17 AM, July 20, 2011  
Blogger American Patriot said...

Ditto love my HP 3105m with an AMD APU. AMD APU is amazing. Wife loves it too. APUs are the future. Ignore the Dinosaur intel loving french socialist. (He loves Obama and high taxes)
For the rest of us, we love the AMD APUs.

10:00 AM, July 23, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny - multiple enterprise contracts - out of those more then 3/4 reject any server and desktop specification (combined) that utilizes AMD cpus...9/10 of those flat out said during contract negotiation they wanted to replace any server they had with an Opteron processor with Xeons.

Engineering/CAD workstations specifications for a few companies specified Intel CPU's with dedicated (not integrated) GPUs - when the subject was brought up about AMD's new APU's by one of the team members - his own manager laughed at him saying "You don't build a workstation with integrated graphics - even decent integrated graphics - AMD's CPUs are underperforming for most serious applications..."

And he's right - APU's are relegated to the low end netbook and cheap laptop market. Enterprises are uniformily rejecting AMD server parts. Server manufacturers are scaling back AMD based server offerings. Bulldozer will be as big a flop launch as Phenom was.....

8:03 AM, July 26, 2011  
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