Friday, August 22, 2008

Intel's "New" Nehalem Architecture is a Copycat Design

Look at these Intel Nehalem pictures, they look very familiar, do they?

Yes. They are re-arranged AMD opteron die. Intel engineers spent many hours trying to make them look different. So, instead of putting four cores in a 2x2 matrix as in the AMD design, they put them in one row. How creative, those Intel engineers. But I tell them, there is another way of doing it, 4 = 1+3.


Blogger Louis said...

Intel could have done an on-die memory controller a long time ago but it didn't need to since FSB was able to more than able to keep up with AMD's best. Copycat design or not, there will be a few big differences between Nehalem and Phenom.

1) Nehalem will be faster than Phenom.
2) Nehalem will outsell Phenom.
3) Intel will make a profit selling Nehalem, AMD won't profit from Phenom.

Need I say more bitches?

9:00 PM, September 16, 2008  

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