Thursday, July 31, 2008

Benchmark fraud again --- why Intel loses on SPEC but win on others

Via has this CPU called Nano, its CPUID can be changed to anything, such AuthenticAMD or Intel. Surprisingly, when one sets the CPUID to AMD, its benchmark score becomes lower. When the Via CPU's CPUID is changed to GenuineIntel, it jumps 47.4%.


Blogger Danilo said...

It just happens in the memory benchmark: the others are pretty much the same. Also, read this part: "My my. Swap CentaurHauls for AuthenticAMD, and Nano's performance magically jumps about 10 percent". What does this mean? That AMD also has an "optimized path". It's a Futuremark's fault, nonetheless, since there are 3 different paths for the test to run on (what kills the basic purpose of a benchmark, since it is meant to show a fair comparison between X pieces of hardware, making them go through the exact same tests). But you made it sound like the whole series of benchmarks were fake and Pro-Intel - while they weren't.

12:16 PM, August 01, 2008  

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