Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Microsoft will die

I have been using Windows Vista for quite while. This operating system shows how stupid Microsoft engineers really are. Microsoft exists solely because of the monopoly it enjoys, but others are improving and Microsoft is becoming worse and worse every day -- more crap piled up by low IQ people makes each version of Windows worse and worse. Read page 18 of this UN report.

One of the fundamental problems of Windows Vista is its instability. It is fatally flawed in its design. Even when the system is still running, the computer become unusable.

For instance, when I right click a file in Explorer, the Explorer will freeze and then the system will prompt you to restart. Many people have the same problem, the suggested solution was to de-associated programs that are causing the freeze. Since you don't know which program is causing the problem, you have to try one by one.... But the problem is why Vista allows such thing to happen in the first place -- an unknown piece of software running in user mode causing the whole system unsable.


Blogger Louis said...

Sharikou. You're an idiot. Microsoft isn't going to die because you have one bad experience with Vista. What a fucking douchebag you are. How's your other prediction going? Is Intel bankrupt yet? Nope. We're past Q2 2008 and Intel just pumped another couple billion in the bank while AMD just wet themselves with another huge loss. Dipshit.

1:13 PM, July 18, 2008  
Blogger Warren said...

So...Microsoft is going to die because everyone buys an "unstable" OS?

12:11 PM, July 23, 2008  
Blogger sharikouisallwaysright said...

I never undestood why MS was allowed to act as it has done.

Since i used a 286-PC first time, they have made their DOS incompatible, software would run with MS-Dos.
But not with DR-DOS, Novell DOS, PT DOS and many other and you where FORCED to USE MS-DOS.

It was Monopoly the played - never was their software outstanding in quality nor function but in their MS-home-made-compatibility.

I hated all MS-Windows b4 Win98se, slwo crap overloaded with nonsens.
In the end you can not withstand the flow of time and you have to surrender to the brave new world of MS-Win.

Win XP was their best Home-User-Product, Vista is neat and i use the 64-Bit-Vista for it has the ability to use much more RAM without dirty tricks.
There is no other reason to change you OS when it is running well!

Yes, in the long run, MS will suffer hard!

3:01 PM, July 24, 2008  

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