Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AMD Quad slaughters Intel Quad in Web Performance

2.3GHZ AMD Opteron(scoring 30007) puts 2.66GHZ Intel Xeon Qaud to shame (scoring 23716).
Randy Allen was telling the truth. Here, a 2.3GHZ Barcelona is 30% faster than a 2.66GHZ Intel quad.

George Ou at CNET will pretend that he never saw the above numbers.


Blogger Dr. Nehalem, Deity Status said...

Dang, look at that a 4/2008 released AMD system beats a 4/2007 released Intel system.

But with Sharikou, you can be confident it's not apples to apples.

9:50 PM, May 24, 2008  
Blogger Louis said...

George Ou works at ZDNet not CNET you dumbass. For a "journalist" with a PhD, you sure are a fuck-up. No wonder Intel fired your ass.

3:43 PM, June 04, 2008  

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