Monday, March 10, 2008

Intel needs 100% CPU to play a movie

Even Intelers say the situation is stupid for being Intelers. But of course, Intelers claim they only use Intel chips for non-visual experience. They don't play games, not even 3D pinball; they don't view movies; they got no life beyond text based computing, which Intel systems are pretty good at.


Blogger JoJo said...

Wow, you're really reaching. The Intel integrated graphics perform worse than having a real graphics card. WAIT WHAT? Having a video card is better than onboard graphics? My god Sharikou, why didn't you share this revelation with the world sooner? Why, If people knew that, then gamers and people who watch high definition DVDs would be inclined to buy Graphics Cards, and they'd be selling graphics cards like hotcakes!
Seriously though, AMD's new 780G chipset might help AMD appeal to those who are casual gamers or to those who wish to watch movies on their systems, which is really nice, but I don't think that high powered onboard is enough to turn things around for them. This is a very nice idea that follows in the footsteps of the integrated memory controller, which was also a wondrous and profitable idea, but is it too little too late?
This is a very nice benefit of AMD's merge that Intel can't and won't have a quick response for, so AMD will have whatever market this technology appeals to all to themselves.
Sharikou, If you'd just admit that maybe kinda some of your predictions went south, and that even though we all know Intel is an evil corporation, they made a better mouse trap with Core2Duo, you might be able to salvage this blog. People used to come here for information, now, even when there is good news like the 780G chipset that might do wonders for AMD's bad situation, you put an ignorant spin on it that doesn't even explain it's value in the war against Intel. You posted how slow Intel's speed was rather than how fast the 780G performed. Why? Why not inform people of the faster platform rather than performing the metaphorical "point-and-laugh" at the competitor. Nvidia doesn't focus on how slow the competition is to their products, they tell how fast their products are. What you're doing is BAD JOURNALISM! IT'S BLATANT FANBOYISM! AND IT WILL KILL YOUR BLOG IF YOU DON'T COME TO YOUR SENSES!

6:24 PM, March 11, 2008  

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