Sunday, April 23, 2006

VIIV bashed by the Post

Intel ran out of ideas in bundling business.

The idea of mandating Intel or any other company's Ethernet hardware is a joke: Ethernet ports are commodity parts. Quick Resume doesn't actually put a Viiv computer in any sleep mode; it just turns off the display and speakers while barely affecting the rest of the machine.

Read more at the Washington Post. It was quite entertaining but may infuriate Intel fanboys.


Blogger netrama said...

Viiv ..Poor Intels another pathetic attempt to get us to buy a box to keep next to our xbox360 or a future PS3.
Imagine a processor company trying to become a consumer electronics company..This is crap..Centrino succeeded not because of ‘technology’ because people needed a wireless laptop. In the process Intel has succeeded to shove into our mouth an old P3 chip + their Crappy Graphics Card and cheap Chipset and a knockoff wireless card. But do they lie around and call this “technology” but for how long??

If you look at some older SONY will never see any Intel logo or sticker or Intel any crap ..Probably that is how things should be..Why the heck should I worry what processor is underneath as long as it gets it job done.. Intel’s marketing have done all possible tricks (blackmail, kickbacks, threatening,) to fool people. The only thing they need now is probably some automatic weapons to carry out their

Why I recently even saw a box of Netgear Router Box with a Centrino logo…(all you IEEE folks ..are you blind or have you too have brought over by Intel$$ ??) These days Intel’s ads look like a comedy show.. I even saw a series of Intel ads..that have no brand name with it .but Intel promoting itself. In one ad that I peeped in probably in a women’s gossip showed the picture of black guy with a violin sitting on a women’s lap and the phrase said some bullshit like “for a better music in your laptop use a Centrino”

But this time Intel is not alone ..AMD is also around the corner with their studio rated LIVE ..which probably some of us will seriously want for its hardware superiority and Intel will get its ass kicked..

6:42 PM, April 23, 2006  
Anonymous nECrO said...

Good story. Nice to see someone in the mainstream media that doesn't act like an extension of the PR department of the company whose product they are reviewing. Anandtech and alot of online media outlets have gone this route to suck up to the advertising dollars. I listen to the local Traffic and weather station here in DC and they have technology pieces a few times a week. You should here them. They're the radio equivelent of "cut and paste".
As for Intel's ViiV, I agree that it's joke. They are trying to apply the "Centrino" effect to a set of technologies that have been around for years and is done better and cheaper by DIY'ers and a few savy tier 2 builders. Without the DRM crap and proprietary nonsense, I might add.

7:55 PM, April 23, 2006  
Anonymous DRMer said...

From what I have understood, VIIV is just a test of Digital Rights Management being able to lock the hardware to be all propriatary so the consumer can not upgrade, and so that the hardware can limit the user's rights do do pretty much anything related to computer software disc backups to making MP3 CDs to even time-shift recording TV shows.

12:21 PM, April 25, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont forget VPRO!. I think that received a lukewarm/negative reaction also.

Intel's management problem is expected for large companies. The upper mananagement is full of people who came from non technical streams.

The only thing imo Intel has going for them is that laptops are slowly beginning to outsell desktops so they still can sell their centrinos until AMD comes in.

1:04 AM, April 26, 2006  

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