Thursday, April 20, 2006

AMD: Intel is desperate

AMD spokesperson, Damon Muzny (<--Click the link to view the full interview):

" Intel's complex and inefficient architecture with large "compensation caches" made 65nm necessary to bring die sizes back down on Pentium. And this is just one aspect of the big picture. So when you hear the competition crowing about starting a new, smaller design process sooner, understanding the big picture gives a more clear view of what is really going on.

Here's another good example. Intel has been trying to take the focus of their current product portfolio with Conroe demonstration stunts. So while I can't really comment about a competitor's product probably which won't be available for 6 or 9 months, I will say this much about their tactics: it's not like their typical "AMD who?" approach. Clearly we've forced our competitor to respond us. Every time they stress future products they are simply admitting their current products aren't competitive so customers shouldn't buy them. That's just an irrational and desperate move for them. Their claims of future architectural competitiveness largely assume AMD is standing still, and we're not. In fact, as they work to catch up to us, we'll move ahead with our own innovations. So the big picture is Intel in crisis-mode, reacting to AMD's leadership. It shouldn't come as a surprise.

Muzny also indicated that AMD will transition 50% of wafer starts at FAB36 to 65nm by early 2007.


Anonymous the architect said...

The fallout from Intel's lack of talent and poor choices will be a hard hit on the entire industry. So much of Intel's poor technology will have to be discarded. So many customers will be stuck with obsolete machines that are not worth the electricity it takes to run them.

Take, for example, BTX. This is a flawed design that is solely suited for Intel's heat monster processors.

To support these infernos, the entire system architecture is compromised. Instead of delivering any positive value to the market, BTX is just a band-aid for Intel.

With BTX, we don't have a cheaper case, a quieter case, a more flexible case, a lower power case, or any other value proposition.

BTX is essentially Intel's move to sabotage the entire PC industry to keep AMD from moving further ahead.

[aside: Just ask yourself... Why don't we see any good case designs from Dell? From a company that spends more money on R&D than Apple? It is because Dell foolishly chooses to be Intel's puppet and force crap like BTX on its customers.]

Across every product line and product group at Intel, you see near zero value delivery to the market. Just bad technology being pushed on the market. Desperate moves by a company that no longer has the ability to innovate.

And so the world is waiting for AMD to pick up more of the duties of industry leadership and will reward AMD appropriately. It will not be very much longer before Intel has no role whatsoever in the PC industry.

The more the PC industry moves away from Intel, the stronger it will be. Intel has restricted the evolution of the PC industry for too long.

[You can bet on the day Intel is out of the PC industry future, there will be a big smile from Billy G.]

4:55 PM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger POD77 said...

You are right.

7:59 PM, April 22, 2006  
Blogger someofyourfear said...

well, Elvis is alive, isn't he?
Many people online spend their time loving GREEN or BLUE ... they spend their time being passionated about this or that brand, they publish "dirty" comment about intel, or about AMD.

I am one of those who wear one of those badges, I have a familly, I work on my product with dedication and proud of what I do.
The sad part of my day, is to connect online and look around all of those forums, with so many people that disrespect AMD or Intel people every day. I don't hate people working for my competition, they give us reason to be better.
The worst is when my brother's sister in law ask me if I do non-honnest things, because she read it online. I am very proud of always being fair.

Bottom line, we are all human, I am working on building faster processors because I believe that is a great goal, and I can see the impact of my work every day: New DNA are matched, new part of the univers are discovered every day, and computers are part of this!

Of course, some people get PhD into "spitting" on BLUE or green. Mister the PhD, why don't you focus on something that can make the world better?

When I walk in the street and see somebody in a wheelchair, I always think that:"one day, I want to fix this, we should have a way to interface with the brain, and give his legs back". What is your goal, mister the PhD ... What is your goal?

So, no, sorry, Elvis is dead, and YES mister the PhD, we work hard, but we don't work hard because we are desperate, you are missing your point, and I don't think you can ever get it.

walking in the street every day is a pleasure, to see how the world evolve, People like the Sharikou never ever improved anythink, they just feel compelling to choose a side and stick to it blindly.
Mister PhD, I saw those behaviors before, in 1940. Hate and xenophobia are the weakness of the simples, elevate yourself, you 'll be a better person.


1:53 PM, April 23, 2006  
Blogger Sharikou, Ph. D said...

Japan, EU and Korean governments have raided Intel's offices for good reasons. Intel is a reactionary force that is working very hard to thwart the advance of computing technology and civilization

2:20 PM, April 23, 2006  

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