Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rahul Sood asks Eric Ross to use his brain

Eric Ross @ Think Equity heard a rumor, horrified, he cut AMD from $50 to $30, panicked, those who trusted him unloaded their shares like newbies in the market.

Previously, Mark Edelstone @ Morgan Stanley reckoned:

a) AMD ASP $100, INTEL ASP $150
b) to gain 1% share, INTEL has to lose 35% revenue
c) that means INTEL will report loss
d) that means no bonuses, and stock options worth 0
e) INTEL thinks
f) So, there will be no price war
g) The logic is perfect

Now, Mr. Sood of VooDooPC lectures Eric Ross on some basics of logical thinking. Please read it, Eric, and thank Mr. Sood for his kindness.


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