Tuesday, February 14, 2006

AMD institutional holdings check

Downgrades, upgrades, buys, sells.... the game of the Street. Now Nasdaq.com has updated AMD holdings info showing some December 31, 2005 reports, so let's check it. Notably:

*) FMR Group increased it AMD holdings by 128.21% to 20.9 million shares, while dumping 13.92% of its INTEL holdings.

*) CALAMOS ADVISORS LLC went from 0 AMD to 10.249 million shares.

*) FRIESS ASSOCIATES LLC had a similar story went from 0 to 7.35 million AMD shares, it dumped all its INTC shares.

*) Goldman Sachs seemed to be a real loser, it sold 12.6 million AMD shares, but it also sold about 10% of its INTC holdings.

*) Morgan Stanley is true to its words, upgraded AMD and increased its AMD holdings by over 200%.

*) UBS crooks had sell rating on AMD, but silently increased its AMD shares by 123.70%. Seeming to be satisfied by the quantity of AMD shares it has now, it is upgrading AMD from sell to neurtal, saying INTEL's new CPUs in 2006 won't slow AMD's market share gain.


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