Wednesday, January 18, 2006

AMD's share of x86 market reached 15% in terms of revenue

For Q4, 2005, INTEL reported $4.9 billion revenue in desktop and server CPUs, and $2.4 billion revenue in mobile processors. Total INTEL CPU revenue $7.3 billion. AMD reported 1.3 billion rvenue in CPU products. AMD's revenue share is 1.3/8.6 = 15%.

This is a two horse race. The missing 400 million in INTEL's revenue projection went directly into AMD's pockets.

AMD promised double the industry growth rate. Some analysts said what AMD is doing is far more than that. AMD's CEO Dr. Hector Ruiz said he likes to under promise and over perform.

According to IDc, global PC units grew 17% in Q4 2005. Noticebly, DELL units grew 20%. Since DELL is 100% INTEL and INTEL only grew 2% revenue, the data indicates that DELL is eating more INTEL pie and others like HP and Lenovo are pushed out of INTEL space and switching to AMD. Just as I analysed previously, keeping DELL 100% INTEL is good for everyone, except INTEL.


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