Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A retard and a crook running wild and naked

Eric Ross at Think Equity claimed that his Asian friends told him that AMD prices crashed by as much as 50%.

But, on Forbes.com, Sumit Dhanda at Banc Of America claimed that AMD has only lowered Sempron prices by 8-10%.

I think Eric Ross was confused about AMD and Intel. It was Intel who slashed its prices by 50%. Those hot and slow Pentium Ds are selling dirt cheap. AMD prices are quite stable. Considering that Intel's topmost chip, the 65nm Pentium Extreme Edition XE 965 3.73GHZ dual core is slower than AMD's entry level Athlon 64 X2 3800+ in benchmarks, I think AMD CPUs are fairly priced.

Sumit Dhanda maintained his buy rating of Intel with target price of $25, while Bank of America is taking huge losses by dumping Intel like crazy at below $20. Bank of America also increased its AMD holdings by 76%.

Conroe will kill both DELL and Intel due to its limited availability until 4Q06. AMD has announced its low power Socket AM2 CPUs, but it is silent on high speed ones. In any case, current AMD CPUs are fragging current Intel ones. Intel is hyping its Q3 Conroe like carzy. AMD has yet to show its hand.


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