Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Opteron enters telecom - carrier grade SUN blades

"Today Sun strengthens its leadership in the telecom market -- Sun's largest vertical market -- where Netra servers are used by all of the top 10 network equipment providers worldwide".

Why Opteron? Why? Why? Why?

64 bit, big iron reliability, performane/watt, dedicated memory channels, 3 hyperTransport links for total of 24GB/s bandwidth.

Intel's FSB has a total of 6.4GB/s, not enough bandwidth to handle DDR2 memory, no room left for massive amount of IP traffic.

The SUN shines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SUN make some very nice kit

12:58 PM, April 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, with a pile of rack mount or blade AMD64 servers, and with Grid installed, you can have a Sun Grid at home!!

9:27 AM, April 12, 2006  

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