Friday, March 31, 2006

AMD eyes 30% of commercial market

AMD states that it's on fast track to grab 30% of the commercial market. Currently, AMD holds less than 5% of the commercial client market, but owns 58% of the retail PC market (desktop and notebook combined) in US.

Dell will be in a time of hurt, as 69% of its profit came from US commerical market.

AMD is on its way to becoming the world's largest CPU vendor by the end of 2006, with Intel a close second.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like your not alone with those comments.
and making more friends, not

It sure feels like Intel is weak and leaderless, I can't believe that Intel investors are putting up with this leadership,? with figures like this this would make history as the biggest company collapse ever.!

3:43 AM, April 04, 2006  

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