Friday, March 17, 2006

SuperMicro should have some balls

Stop being such timid little dudes, show your Opteron boards on your home page.

You see, INTEL CTO was doing free advertising for Tyan S4880 Opteron board at the IDF. If you dudes had some guts, your Opteron boards could have been there at the IDF too. Learn from the master at Tyan, be courageous, be free, this is America, this is not Soviet Union.

BTW: I think SuperMicro boards look ugly. I personally only use Tyan boards. Look at this (16 DIMM slots, no capacitors), and this (4 Opterons, 4 PCI-e 16 slots).


Blogger netrama said...

Looks like supermicro website is maintained by Intel marketing.
There is no way that you can find keywords like AMD or Opteron
in 5-7 minutes of browsing this site. Looks like they have made it
deliberately hard to find an AMD based Porduct..whereas I was
able to find words 'Xeon' and 'Intel' on almost very page..

Similar is with

A Search for 'AMD' on the search box yields
ALL Categories
Accessories (46) Company Information (1) Home and Home Office (11) Miscellaneous (1)
Software (1)
All (60)

But a Search for 'Intel' shows

ALL Categories
Accessories (100+) Company Information (12) Education (89) Government (100+)
Home and Home Office (88) Medium and Large Business (86) Miscellaneous (31) Small Business (100+)
Software (19)

There is No lisitng for AMD in Medium/Small Biz , Govt or Education
on the Gateway Page !!

5:03 PM, March 17, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes it is a shame that outside bias clouds the fact that they make Ultra reliable boards using best parts and now best designs using opterons.
You can run but you can't hide forever.!

1:09 PM, March 18, 2006  

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