Tuesday, January 31, 2006

DELL to use Turion 64?

Some analyst stated that DELL could start selling Turion 64 notebooks as early as March. Visiting DELL.com, I found INTEL Core Duo is very hard to find, and is only being used in large 17 inch desktop replacement notebooks. Since INTEL won't have 64 bit mobile CPUs until Q4 2006, and AMD will enjoy 100% of the 64 bit mobile market, DELL using Turion 64 makes sense.

In a previous article titled "DELL will spit at INTEL and kneel to AMD soon", I pointed out that if DELL wants to go AMD, it better does it quick, anything done after 2Q06 would be too late.

The dude is certainly not dumb.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that Dell will use AMD CPUs anytime in the near future for several reasons. The first is that clock for clock, the Pentium M outperforms the Turion in most applications except for gaming. Core Duo performance is much higher at lower power. Except for gaiming, Core Duo is clock for clock as fast and in some cases faster than a desktop X2. To meet power requirements for notebooks, Dual Core Turions will not perform as well as the desktop versions.
By the time Dell could ramp an AMD platform, Intel's new platform will be out. Recent articles that compare Intel's Conroe vs AMD's FX60 overclocked to FX62 speeds show that at that point, there would be no need for Dell to build AMD systems.
People who speculate about Dell producing AMD systems other than their selling AMD CPUs aren't considering enough factors.
Another huge reason is that AMD does not have the capacity to supply Dell. They are running at or near capacity and probably couldn't have supplied Apple, let alone Dell.

6:06 AM, March 18, 2006  

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